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September 14, 2009
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How do you know you’re a straight person?
When did you first know you were straight?
Are you sure you’re a straight person?
Have you ever had a three-way?
Do you want to have a three-way?
Do you want to have a three-way with me?
Do your parents know you’re a straight person?
Does your boyfriend know you’re a straight person?
Have you ever kissed a straight person?
If you never kissed a straight person, how do you know you’re a straight person?
Why don’t you try it out?
You know, you’re not really a straight person until you’ve kissed another straight person, right?
How do you know you’re a straight person?
When did you come out as a straight person?
Don’t you realize you’re not straight, you’re just hetero-curious?
Can you believe I always knew you were a heterosexual?
Why do you always hang out at straight bars?
Why don’t you understand that you’re obsessed with heterosexuality and that I’m just not into straight stuff?
Will you make out with that guy over there?
How do you know you’re a straight person?
Did you know that straight people are more likely to cheat on their partners?
What does “heterosexual” mean?
Are you dominant or submissive?
I love straight girls, but you know that straight boys are disgusting, right?
Have you ever had sex with a straight person?
Did you know you’re going to hell?
Why are you talking about this?
Why do you tell people that you’re a straight person when you could just hide it and not suffer the humiliation?
How do you know you’re a straight person?
Are you serious?
Really, I mean, are you serious?
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Very thought provoking, I like it. Poetry class?

I'm in a performance poetry class. I actually didn't know that it was a performance poetry class when I signed up for it. I thought it was a regular poetry class, and I never had done performance poetry before. It's been a bit of challenge, but I feel like I've learned a lot.
is it a course at university or college? Sounds like fun, if initially terrifying. (I still stutter occasionally when stressed)
It's a course at university. It can be a bit anxiety-provoking at first, but I don't mind.
What else do you study at uni? right now, I'm studying for a science degree from home with the Open University.
Well, I'm an English major and a Spanish minor. I want to be an ESL teacher.
Does that stand for english/spanish language teacher? maybe you can teach me after you graduate. the foreign language teachers at my secondary school were useless, it's a serious hole in my academic education, especially since I have so many pervy fans from Mexico!
Actually, it stands for English as a Second Language teacher, but I do understand how bad the foreign language programs are in high school. It's not that they're not trying. It's just that it's really hard to learn a language when you start at that age and when you're just learning it at school. The best time is when you're really young. I started at twelve, which is actually kind of old considering I only learned it in school.
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Xeb-LOL Sep 27, 2009
Ive Seen A Video Like This x3
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